Post is where your story comes into focus.

we started in post while tape was still being used, so we understand it in a way that most companies simply cannot. since that time we have mastered the art of elegantly exciting digital media. we offer the complete package in post, from state of the art HD edit systems, to cutting edge digital encoding and delivery options.

we have graphics and animation artists ready to add the bells and whistles that make all the difference between something
that looks good, and something that looks outstanding. we also have a full composite system for high end effects and color correction

whether you need to cut a simple ENG style package, or you need to post your next film... we have the experience, equipment, software, knowledge, and creativity to make your message shine in a way that your viewers will remember you.

MAKAI STUDIOS is ready to take your vision
and make it pop off the screen.

we use state of the art equipment and cameras and we produce for whatever your target is wether it needs to be 4K, HD, SD, web or even film.

we have the crew. we have the experience. we just need you.